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Have a Break…

I came back from the Holidays in December, still tired. As well as not being able to spend Christmas as originally planned, I had a lovely seven day trip to Cornwall booked in January, that I had to cancel when Lockdown 3.0 kicked in. I ended up cancelling the leave altogether, deciding to wait for things to change.

I managed to push through January, hoping my energy would come back, but entering February, I was still tired.

Each day was becoming a battle to be creative, positive, and solutions-focussed. I was finding this year-long Groundhog Day stifling.

I reached my edge and decided to take a week off work last week. There were plans; countryside walks, movie checklist, delicious dinners, focus on personal projects, and I did do all of these, but not with the intensity I had hoped. Three days in, I realised one week was not enough. I should have taken off two weeks. The first week for rest and unravel, and the second for creative and personal plans.

I had waited too long to have a break, and couldn’t enjoy the time off and recuperate the way I wanted and needed to.

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We’re all guilty of it, holding out for this fantastical time we can go on a “real holiday”. This may or may not happen, but holding out and waiting for this sweet, sun-sand nectar is wearing us thin. It is super important we proactively push balance into our lives, by ensuring we have regular breaks throughout the year — especially when stuck at home.

Although I didn’t get all the time I needed on this occasion, I did get some time for self-reflection. Going forward, as well as implementing some daily practices, I plan to take off at least one weekday a month, and a minimum of five weekdays per quarter.

Don’t wait til you break, have a break… now.

A note to leaders: It is your responsibility to show your team how to create space by leading by example. If you don’t take a break, your team members may be reluctant to, and something or someone will break, eventually.



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